Studio Boudoir

One of my favorite sessions to host is boudoir. It is a chance for you to sit back and feel beautiful! Come into the studio and enjoy light snacks, beverages, and feel empowered! Never worry about what to do or where to stand, the beauty of hiring a professional is you leave it to me to place you in flattering poses, and cater the session to your vision. 

Harrisburg Studio Sessions start at $450


Portland Studio Sessions start at $650


Please contact me for more information or to view our private sample gallery. 

Native Rose Photography offers a wide variety of looks for a boudoir session. From dark and rich colors to bright and clean editing.  The studio is completely rearranged to accommodate each session as being its own unique piece of art. 


In the Harrisburg Studio, located 15 minutes from Eugene, you can choose a bedroom setting, or use various backdrops to create a stunning set. 


In the Portland studio, we have large natural light windows, wood floor, and a minimalistic approach with single furniture pieces. 

Harrisburg Studio

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